Welcome to the VinPodium-Rapid Wine Chiller website.

The VinPodium makes chilling your wine, Champagne, or spirit bottle to the proper serving temperature easy and quick. For instance, chill white wines to the low 50's F/11C in just 7 minutes.  The VinPodium will fit regular 750mL bottles and up to the larger 1.5L size.

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If you ask most wine experts, most people drink their red wines too warm and their white wines too cold.

CLICK here for recommended serving temperatures of various varieties of wine

Our fast and easy to use VinPodium takes the hassle and guess work out of trying to figure out how long to chill your bottle--chill in minutes instead of hours in the refrigerator.

The VinPodium is stylish, fast, and easy to set up and use.



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